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Get ready to be blown away by the electrifying sound of the Ben Meyer Band!

Hailing from the heart of Texas, this up-and-coming country sensation is poised to shake up the music scene like never before. Born in Wharton, TX, and raised in the vibrant landscape of Dallas, Ben Meyer's journey is one of true musical destiny. In the fall of 2015, he found himself in the bustling city of San Antonio, where he dove headfirst into the bar industry, taking on the role of a bouncer. Little did he know, this would be the turning point that ignited his passion for music.

As the doors swung open, so did the gates to the San Antonio music scene, a world that welcomed him with open arms. Surrounded by a tapestry of local country music talent, Ben was immediately captivated by the camaraderie and support that flowed through the community. He couldn't help but be drawn to the unity and genuine encouragement that fueled his own aspirations.

Ben's musical influences are as diverse as they come, spanning the spectrum from classic country to the most electrifying rock sounds. However, it's the soul of country music that truly resonates with him, anchoring his heart and guiding his creative path. When he stepped into the music scene in late 2018, it was an undeniable calling. Country music became not just a genre, but a calling to express his journey and passions through melodies that touch the soul.

With a sound that's steeped in the Red Dirt/Texas country tradition, Ben Meyer Band is a living embodiment of influences drawn from legends like Whisky Myers, Stoney LaRue, Zack Bryan, and more. But that's not all – his original compositions are crafted from the treasure trove of poems he's meticulously penned over the years, adding an unparalleled depth and authenticity to his music.

So, brace yourself for a musical journey that's as thrilling as it is soul-stirring. Ben Meyer Band is on the rise, and their music is about to set your heart on fire. Get ready to groove, sway, and sing along to a sound that's uniquely Texan, undeniably country, and undeniably Ben Meyer.

In 2020, Ben Meyer released his first single “Kickin’ my Ass” which broke through the Top 100 on the Texas Regional Radio Report.

Currently, the band has numerous songs in the works and will be releasing new music in 2024!

Be sure to stream it on all platforms and be on the lookout for the upcoming releases, some to streaming exclusive and others to radio stations online and near you!

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